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Training Facility

Book up to Experience the first class training delivered in our purpose built Training module based in Great Yarmouth - Bure Park Business Centre.


We are able to supply a complete range of comprehensive on & offshore courses to give new start and experienced personel alike the knowledge and understanding to go either on-site or offshore and safely complete the task required.

Most of our courses are Atlas or OPITO approved and are fully supervised by our qualified on-site training instructors. We offer a complete range of courses to enhance and further skills to the Oil & Gas industry*   Please contact us for a full colour brochue of courses.


* LOLER awareness / LOLER Supv / & Rigging loft management  


* Working at height

* Confined space entry

* Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry

* Authorised Gas Tester Level - 1- 2 & 3


* S-cape


* Mechanical joint integrity - MJI 10 - 18 - 19

* Enviromental awareness / Compliance / Impact assessment EIA and

   management procedures

* Oil pollution / spills to sea / Emergency planning - procedures

* Electrical Safety rules

* Mechanical Isolations


* Task risk assessments