Welcome to Offshore De-Commissioning Services

With a Case study of over 9 NUI assets successfully Decommissioned, we are a very experienced support service with all documentation in place.


Offshore decommissioning involves the following steps: project management, engineering and planning, permitting and regulatory compliance, platform preparation, well plugging and abandonment, conductor removal, mobilisation and demobilisation of derrick barges, platform removal, pipeline and power cable decommissioning, materials disposal and site clearance.


Our decommissioning expertise comes from 30 years of experience in the provision of professional, technical and consulting services on a wide range of international decommissioning projects.


Offshore Commissioning Services guarantees long-standing expertise forming a unique combination in decommissioning. It is this combination that enables our company to devise solutions for any decommissioning situation, and then successfully deliver them – ensuring safety, cost-effectiveness and as little environmental impact as possible.


All our teams are very experienced, highly trained & competent in their disciplines -

Construction & De-Commissioning - Engineers - Supervisors - welders  pipefitters - platers - riggers - electrical - mechanical & instrumentation techs - Crane Decommissioning & Multi disipline Rope access teams.

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