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OffshoreCS.com Services includes:

Fabrication, installation, maintenance and decommissioning of pipeline, access platforms, Stairwells, caissons, handrails, gratings and various other on & offshore topside oil and gas production infrastructures.


We provide specialist, safe and cost-effective services to projects across the whole oil and gas industry. Over 30 years experience coupled with strong in- house design, engineering and operational ability enables the Company to provide successful solutions to technically difficult projects.


Our teams of highly motivated professionals will take the stress away from you and deliver a first class "can do attitude" to get the job done, in a safe, controlled and professional manner.


Our teams consist of:

Engineering teams, Surveying, CAD, Construction Supervisors, Working foremen, Welding Inspectors, Welders, Pipefitters, Platers, Riggers, Electrical, Mechanical & Instrumentation techs, Rope Access Teams.

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