Bolting Services - Flange Management 

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Bolting & flange management service.

Leaks from bolted flange joints pose significant operational, environmental, and safety risks. For projects in construction or turnaround, leaks can severely disrupt schedules, causing delays,

We are able to supply technical Information - a complete range of equipment and highly skilled technicians to complete any task. Offshore Commissioning Services provides a total solution for all of your bolting requirements, including torqueing, tensioning, on-site machining, flange management and all types of jacking and lifting equipment.


Hydraulic Bolt torqueing is designed to exert torque on a fastener to achieve proper tightening or loosening of a connection through the use of hydraulics. A torque wrench is applied to the nut either directly or in conjunction with an impact socket. Hydraulic torque wrenches apply a predetermined, controlled amount of torque to a properly lubricated fastener.


Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning is the direct axial stretching of the bolt to achieve preload. Inaccuracies created through friction are eliminated. Massive mechanical effort to create torque is replaced with simple hydraulic pressure. A uniform load can be applied by tensioning multiple studs simultaneously.

All our Bolting teams are highly experienced & trained to -

MJI 10,18,19 - We are able to supply Technicians & all certified Tools & Bolting Equipment all packaged & Delivered direct to you for shipment anywhere across the globe.



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